How to get a pet in your home P. II

  1. Give him some alone time: – Everybody wants some space to understand and cope up with the new change happened in his life, so as your furry baby may need it. You must ensure that your pet gets enough time alone to him make feel fresh and energetic all the time. Your new friend definitely feels better and enthusiast after spending some alone time.


  1. Introduce him to his own bedroom: – When you bring him to your home which is his new house, your must introduce him to space where you have assigned as his bedroom. It can be a corner of your living room or a wooden house in your back yard. You must express him with the signs that, this area is for him to be used as his bedroom.


  1. Introduce him to his feeding area: – The best place for him could be his feeding area. You can introduce this place by offering him some food. Make sure not to offer a full bowl of food. You can offer him some water in the same room in his water bowl. After sometime repeat the same, to bring him in his feeding area and offer him some food and water. This way he can understand that this is his feeding area and he must come to this place to hint you about his feeding time.


  1. Make a visit to Vet: – This is the most important point to meet, after bringing a pet to your home. You must visit a veterinarian within the week to ensure the well being of your new fur-baby. The babies in your house may get affected if your new fur-baby has any of the minor or major problems. His check up by the vet is compulsory. Your vet will check him properly and will make give you a schedule for next regular visits and other treatment visits if necessary. Your vet will also tell you about the regularly required vaccination for your little fur-baby too. This way you can ensure his health and well-being.


  1. Limit his access area: – You must start from the day one to define his limits. And all your family members should stick to the same discipline and rules. So, he can understand his limits to things and area access. You have to decide upon this before you fur buddy arrives your home.

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