How Can Pets Ensure A Happier And Healthier Life?

We include them in our family photographs, make a special space for them where they can have a sound and peaceful sleep, share our deepest secrets with them and don’t go to office when they’re sick and need our attention. And no matter how much they annoy us sometimes, pets are one of the most integral part of the lives.

America is known as a nation of animal lovers. According to a recent survey by NATIONAL PET OWNERS, 2/3rds of the households in US have at least one pet, and if we calculate the numbers specifically it would end up with 71 million homes providing shelter to either furry, feathery or any other pet.

We do know how to take the best care of the pets, but do you know that pets also take special care of us? A research suggested that, if you have a pet then you will live a happier and healthy life. Along with the fact that pets love us unconditionally, studies have also shown that those pure bundle of joy can also minimize our stress levels, control the blood pressure, curb the stress, reduce your loneliness, keep you active and help you live longer.

Some of the surveys also suggested that children who are exposed to furry pets at a very early age have less chances of developing any kind of allergy. There are many surveys and reports which showed that pets are very good for our health, and they can be our best companion.


Researchers are now studying the different benefits a human being can enjoy when they’re surrounded with pets. Several studies reported that FLUFFY and FIO can not only win your heart, but can have a positive effect on your heart.

According to National Institutes of Health study, there were more than 400 adults suffering from heart attacks — and people who had pets survived successfully, regardless of the major heart attacks. In another survey, it was revealed that 240 married couples who had pets had no heart and blood pressure issues, and were never stressed in spite of their hectic schedule.

It is evident that your best companion can also improve your circulation. A survey on the cat owners found they have very less strokes if compared with the people who had no cats or any other kind of pets. A quick reduction in blood pressure happens when the patient gets an opportunity to interact with a companion, as mentioned in a study. It’s one of the best ways to deal with high blood pressure problems.

The “relaxation response” is mostly seen in people when they watch their fish swim, or hug a dog, an expert says.


At the end of a hectic day, won’t you love coming to a wagging tail and a forced cuddle? Is it okay to kiss your pet? A lot of experts say that letting your pets lick your face/mouth is not healthy. If you wish to kiss your pet, the top of his/her head is one of the best places to kiss. The rewards you get from your pet are a lot more than the risk of getting any kind of diseases.

Just like any other human beings, pets do carry certain kind of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, so you should always have a habit of washing your hands after hugging your pets. This is very important for families who’ve children and those who’ve a weaker immune system.

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